Curriculum Themes...

Curriculum Themes

Championing children's curiosity through a diverse and broad theme

The curriculum is built around 3 themes in each year group. A theme will run for a whole term and within that term, children will be exposed to many different subjects, learning opportunities and enrichment activities.

Each theme also runs alongside two core texts that will engage all of our children in the joy of reading. These core texts will often act as the stimulus for the children's writing, as will the work children do in geography, history, science and the arts.

This contextualised learning, allows children to make links between the wider world and the learning within the classroom.

Year-Group Themes

We Are Superheroes

In this theme the children will be learning about what makes us humans so special. They will be exploring their senses and learning about their body parts. They will be looking at their own locality. They will be also learning about a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

 BBC BiteSize. Animal Hospital

 BBC BiteSize - KS1 Science Topics

 Animals Of Farthing Wood

 BBC BiteSize - Senses

It's Raining, It's Pouring

The children will be exploring weather patterns and seasons in this theme. They will set off on a journey to the seven continents and five oceans all around world, finding out about their characteristic features.

 Find Out - Continents

 Planet Science - Seasons

 BBC BiteSize - Homes

 BBC BiteSize - Changing Seasons

 BBC BiteSize - What Are Seasons?

.... and I Will Blow Your House Down

The children will learn about the lives of some significant individuals. They will be working scientifically to examine everyday materials and their uses. This will help them to decide on the best material to use for the little pigs' houses to protect against the big bad wolf!

 BBC Science Clips - Grouping Materials

 BBC BiteSize - Desert island Materials

 BBC BiteSize - Kitchen Materials


 The Three Little Pigs

Florence, Flight and Fire!

In this theme the children will become time detectives to uncover the truth about the Great Fire of London, how Florence Nightingale changed nursing forever and who made the first air flight possible.

 BBC History. Florence Nightingale

 Great Fire of London

Eat or be eaten

In this theme the children will discover which animals sit at the top of the food chain and what characteristics allow them to stay at the top. The children will understand the importance of plants to animals, humans and the environment and how to care for their own plant.

 National Geographic - Kids

 Zoological Society of London

 BBC Science Clips - Growing Plants

Around the world in 80 days

The children will embark on a journey around the world identifying famous landmarks, iconic people, tastes and traditions from around the globe. The children will test out their map and compass skills and hopefully not get too lost!

 Activity Village - Around the World

We will rock you1

Year 3 will be reading Gangsta Granny by David Walliams and discovering the adventures behind being a jewel thief! We will research the Tower of London and the Crown Jewels and then make a special trip there ourselves.

 Gangsta Granny

 Gemkids - Gem Explorer

 Tower of London

Two rights don't make a left

In this Roald Dahl theme, we will be reading lots of his stories and finding out more about the wonderful author himself. We will use his creative writing as inspiration for our own stories and poems.

 Roald Dahl

 BBC BiteSize - Plant Life-Cycles

Don't forget your toothbrush

In the Summer term, we will jet across the world, stopping at many different countries and cities as we go. We will learn about animals and their habitats and learn about the people there, too!

 Animals, Plants, Habitats

 BBC BiteSize - Healthy Eating

Flushed Away

Year 4 will be looking at water: the water cycle, the states of water, conserving water and looking after our environment. We will be linking our learning to Kensuke's Kingdom, by Michael Morpurgo, where our main character is shipwrecked on a desert island at the age of 12.

We will be supporting our learning by visiting the Wetland Centre to study water conservation, and the National Gallery to look at a water colour by Monet.

 National Gallery - Monet

 London Wetland Centre

 DLTK Kidzone - Water

Light the Way to a Place to Stay

In History, Year 4 will be finding out how the Scots and the Anglo-Saxons settled in Britain and linking this to Geography where we will investigate settlements and land use and topographical features such as hill and coastlines.

We will visit the V&A museum to examine Anglo-Saxon artefacts and understand how they give us clues as to how they lived.

We will visit an ancient Anglo- Saxon farm to find how they lived and what jobs they did.

We will be linking our topic to the story of Beowulf.

 Victoria & Albert Museum

 BBC BiteSize - Anglo-Saxons

Let's get ready to rumble!

Year 4 will be learning about the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain, and linking this to volcanoes and earthquakes.

We will be creating mosaics and sculptures in true Roman style! In addition to this we will be making our own Roman sandals!

 Weather Wizkids - Volcanoes

 Volcano Facts

The Space Race

This theme has our children as aspiring astronauts learning about what it takes to survive in space. We follow the trials of the main character in  Phoenix by SF Said on his epic quest to save the universe. There will be scientific investigations into forces, and we'll visit the Science museum to research some aspects of modern British and World history.

 European Space Agency - Kids

 SpaceKids - Space History

 National Geographic - Space Facts

 BBC BiteSize - Earth, Sun, Moon

Mythical, Magical Monsters

We travel back in time to Ancient Greece to find out what life was like for people back then, and discover just how many of their achievements influence our modern society. We will read, act and write myths and legends, drawing on The Adventures of Odysseus for inspiration.  We’ll become archaeologists and visit the British Museum to find out more.

 Who were the Ancient Greeks?

 Explore Ancient Greece

 DK Find Out - Ancient Greece

Rainforests, Rivers and Rhythm

We travel the length of North and South America and float down the Amazon River, using maps, atlases and globes to name countries, cities and physical features. We follow the adventures of orphan Maia in Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson as she discovers the wonders of the rainforest. We'll take a river boat trip down the Thames to see the flood barrier, and compare our local river with the Amazon.

 River Facts

 Science for Kids - Rivers

 Monga Bay - Rainforests

 BBC Nature - Rainforest

Heroes of Hounslow

Private Peaceful and Once are the books we will read this term. We learn about life during the World Wars through the main characters, Tom, Charlie and Felix. The books open doors to lots of historical research; in particular, the children get the opportunity to study their own local heroes and find out about their individual stories.

We will visit the Imperial War Museum

Nought to Now

The book this term is Shackleton, an amazing book tracking the journey of this fascinating explorer! The children go on the Journey with Shackleton and his crew, they visit the places of the Antarctic and explore the landscape and animals that survive there. They will look at the effects of global warming and evolution.

Going Live in MI5

The term is filled with mystery and discovery, the children will be set challenges and have to follow a set of clues to discover how and why things happen. There is a strong emphasis on science this term. And so we will be encouraging children to carry out investigations and try out their predictions.

Our book this term is the London Eye Mystery and we will be visiting the south bank where the story takes place and taking a trip on the London Eye!


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