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Worple Primary School

Worple Primary School
English at Worple Primary School


At Worple, we strive to enable our children to interact and communicate effectively and confidently, as well as equipping them with the practical and academic skills they need to succeed.

Our aim is to produce not only capable and confident readers, but readers with a love and appreciation of books and literature. The ability to read gives your child a magic key, enabling them to access learning and understanding for the rest of their lives.

At Worple, we follow the Letters and Sounds curriculum and use a mixture of different commercial reading schemes, supplemented by a wide range of quality texts that the children can read for pleasure both with an adult or independently.

Through reading, experience, exploration and excitement, the children at Worple learn to write enthusiastically and imaginatively in a wide range of genres and for a variety of purposes.

Our children learn the essential rules and technicalities of the English language as part of a blended and purposeful curriculum, which encourages reflection, peer review and the embedded cycle of drafting, editing and redrafting, to create the best work possible.


In our school we have a core reading scheme called Oxford Reading Tree (ORT).We also have non reading scheme books as well as ORT so that the children have a wide range of reading. The books are colour coded so that the teachers can track their progress. The books are fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Before the children are given an ORT book in Reception they have picture books to develop early reading skills, for example opening the book the correct way.

In ORT the children have to learn to read key words by sight as well as reading books. This sight vocabulary is taught and assessed up to ORT 6. This supports the child when reading a new book. As well as sight vocabulary the children are taught other reading skills. They blend the phonemes (sounds) to build up words, look at pictures for clues and read on to get the sense of the text.

As well as individual reading the children will read in a guided group and in class sessions. There are many opportunities for children to apply their early reading skills, for example, labels in the inside and outside areas, signs and instructions in the learning environment.

In our school every child is given a book bag with a comment book. This is so they can read at home with their grown up as well as at school.